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You upload and edit in the browser.
Instantly share worldwide.
Never worry about updating software.
Instantly, effortlessly and affordably grow.

You put your logo and colors on it.
Get your own Branded Login Page.
Link to it as in:
Link back to your website to complete the loop.

Your Documents
+ Your Brand
= Your Branded Cloud

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DocumenTree offers a secure cloud-based document management service delivered thru a web browser that you can brand as a seamless and collaborative workspace extension of your existing web site.

Secure anytime anywhere document sharing

  • Securely share and collaborate with your team, customers and vendors, or anyone with an email address and a web browser from anywhere in the world.
  • Never worry about syncing your files or which version of your editing software is installed on which of your computers, or the computers of your customers' or vendors'. It doesn't matter because you edit your documents directly in the browser without any additional software.
  • Work smarter and go beyond the limitations and insecurity of FTP servers and email attachments.
  • Take advantage of unlimited FREE GUEST USERS and our affordable scale-up pricing when you are ready to expand your account. learn more »

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Customize It

Customizing your DocumenTree is not required, but it's a great way to instantly add collaboration features to your existing company website. Simply upload your logo and select a few colors and you've got a custom branded login and website that you can link to from your current website that reflects your image throughout your DocumenTree. DocumenTree has been purposefully designed with links back to your website, neutral tones and a modern style to blend easily with your image and website for a seamless user experience.
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security Encryption

Every bit of data to and from our servers is transferred using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) / Transport Layer Security (TLS) and protected using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). This ensures the security and integrity of your data as it passes over the internet. For the full report, click the Qualys' SSL Labs link below.

Qualys SSL Report for DocumenTree Qualys SSL Report Grade A for DocumenTree

Multiple checkpoints

With each request to our servers, anytime you click on something, submit a form, or in any way interact with our servers, multiple checks occur. Each request passes thru at least three firewalls and multiple authentication checkpoints; all of this occurs of course behind the scenes, automatically and instantaneously as you use the service.

Datacenter security

  • Onsite Municipal Police Presence
  • Onsite Private Security Guards
  • Motion Detectors with Third-Party Security Services
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Located in an earthquake, flood and hurricane free area

Download this Security & Reliability Overview as a PDF file.

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Document uploading, editing and version control

Upload any file type and Edit your text, spreadsheet and presentation documents directly within the browser. Any documents uploaded more than once to the same location are not overwritten. Instead, the incumbent document is automatically versioned and can be easily referenced for future use.

  • Word Processing
    • Microsoft Word (.doc)
    • Microsoft Word (.docx)
    • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
    • OpenDocument Text (.odt)
    • Hypertext Markup Language (.html)
    • Text (.txt)
  • Spreadsheet
    • Microsoft Excel (.xls)
    • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
    • OpenDocument Spreadsheet (.ods)
    • StarOffice Calc (.sxc)
    • Comma Separated Values (.csv)
    • Tab Separated Values (.tsv)
  • Presentation
    • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
    • Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show (.pps)
    • Microsoft Office Open XML Format Presentation (.pptx)
    • Microsoft Office Open XML Format Presentation Slide Show (.ppsx)
    • OpenDocument Presentation (.odp)
    • StarOffice Impress (.sxi)

online document editor

Document sharing, collaboration, comments, alerts and history

Your documents are private by default. Share them with anyone based on an email address. Collaborate and revise your documents with your employees, vendors and customers. Create a discussion and add comments for a specific folder or document. Subscribe to the discussion to monitor it conveniently from your email. Email broadcast to your team about the folders and files important to them. Set alerts so that newly uploaded, edited, or removed files notify anyone with your permission. Search and review the history of a document based on what is viewed, downloaded, uploaded, versioned, copied, moved, deleted, checked-out, checked-in, approved, etc.

comments and history

Document check-in, check-out, and approvals

Check-out a document to prevent other collaborators from uploading over the current version of a document. Check the document back in to return the editing rights to any collaborator. Collaborators may indicate their approval of a specific version of a document. Review those approvals on the Properties page of any document or search the document history for the full history.

document approval

Document search and profiling

Find your documents based on ...

  • Content Full-text Document Search - search INSIDE the contents of documents to match your search terms.
  • Context Data Search - search based on the name, description or keywords you add to the OUTSIDE of documents and thier containing folders.
  • Document Tags Search - search documents based on any tags you choose.

search and profile


You can use DocumenTree just the way it is or ...

  • Customize it to extend your business brand and website.
  • Upload your logo and set your colors to be displayed on every page, unifying the user experience with your existing website.
  • Choose your branded subdomain as in:
  • Share your own Custom Login Page which includes your logo, colors and a link back to the website of your choice by simply sharing your branded subdomain address.

Put it all together to create a seamless and secure file sharing workspace extension of your existing company website experience.

document manager branding


Browse and download your documents from your favorite mobile on the go.

mobile browsers that we support
  • Apple iOS 4.3+ for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch
  • Android 4.0+ for phones, tablets, etc.
  • Windows Phone
  • Opera Mobile
  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Chrome 14+
  • Firefox 6+
  • Opera 11+
  • Safari 4+
mobile document manager


System Backups happen in three ways:

  • Mirrored Backups - Any changes that occur on our servers are mirrored instantaneously on multiple separate physical hard disks to provide real-time continuous availability.
  • Nightly Backups - Each evening all data held on our servers is safely archived.
  • Automatic Continuous Backups - Any change to any file on our servers is queued to a continuous backup process.

Of course you can always back up your files and folders to .ZIP files and store those captured data snapshots back to any folder on DocumenTree or download them to your own computer or network.

document backups

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$25 / month
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25 Contributing Users
25 GB Storage Space
Unlimited Free Guest Users
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$50 / month
$500 / year
50 Contributing Users
50 GB Storage Space
Unlimited Free Guest Users
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$100 / month
$1000 / year
100 Contributing Users
100 GB Storage Space
Unlimited Free Guest Users
Branding Included

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about DocumenTree

At DocumenTree, our focus is on saving you time and money through document services that leverage the power of the internet. That power is put in your hands through our online document management system.

Founded in development in 2002, and first offering services in March 2004, DocumenTree Inc. is one of the first companies to offer a document management software system as an online service, also known as SAAS(Software As A Service).

We are a privately held company located in California. Our data centers are located in California and Alberta Canada. Our customers range from small-to-medium sized businesses, to large corporations and government entities. All our customers share the need to easily & securely share documents with their customers, employees, vendors, or anyone else they choose to invite, from any device and location with an internet connection.

At DocumenTree, we are dedicated to:

  • the security of your information.
  • serving you as our customer.
  • the principles of simplicity, where sometimes less is more.
  • making secure document sharing a powerful communications tool.

We invite you to become a customer and enjoy our passion and dedication to delivering the highest quality online document management experience possible.

What we're made of