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cloud document management
Keeping it simple, secure, and available anywhere
for millions in the cloud.
Easily & elegantly share and present your documents anywhere
through our online document manager.
 No credit card required.
The subscription service pricing offers unlimited Free Guest Users secure, view-only access to subscriber web folders and documents, so companies only pay for Contributing Users that upload and manage documents.
The Online Document Manager can also be branded with your company logo and color scheme to unify the user experience with your existing company website.
Subscribers enjoy the benefits of a paperless office, document collaboration, automatic data backups, banking level security and more»
Online Document Management Services
Our Online Document Management service allows businesses to share files and collaborate over the internet with clients, vendors and employees through any internet browser. The online storage service provides a secure internet browser-based virtual office where you can upload, download, browse, search, index, categorize, version, approve, track and discuss documents. There is no document management software(dms) to buy, download, install, or maintain as the subscription service is delivered entirely through a web browser; even on a Personal Digital Assistant(PDA). Companies seeking to extend the mobility of their workforce, as well as tighten client and vendor document exchanges, benefit from the simplified model that delivers always-on availability, without the hardware, software or maintenance costs normally associated with an in-house server installation.
Service Features
Hosted Cloud-based Document Management System       Unlimited Guest Users Signup Free       Documents Shared From Any Internet Browser       Online Collaboration With Clients, Vendors, and Employees       Branded With Your Company Logo & Colors       Unlimited Documents, Single Location Web Storage       Secure Document Retrieval       Document Search & Sharing       Document Archiving & Auto Backups       Version Control       Document Profiling       Email Alerts       Image Thumbnails       Change History       Approvals       Check-in/out       Mobile Access & more...